Dot Net

Application Development

  • Understanding the Business
  • Based on understating the business and requirements, it will help to
    creating an entire product solution with technology

Prototype Presentation

    • Need to understand the existing application functionality
    • Optimize the code
    • Imorove the performance

Microsoft Technologies

        • ASP.Net
        • MVC
        • Database : SQL Server


  • Microsoft Asp.NET MVC 4 is a framework to develop applications
    using design patterns.
  • Dot Net has so many security features that will make the application secure from the Hackers to hide the secure data.
  • Easily customizable third Party Tools.
  • is written in C#
  • Additional items that can have an effect on performance but have
    nothing to do with which programming language is selected are:

    • Ability and knowledge of programmer(s) to optimize the code.
    • Ability and knowledge of programmer(s) to write proper and optimized SQL queries.
  • MVC 4 is a framework while both Joomla and WordPress are
    content management systems. Because of that, it’s like comparing
    apples and oranges
  • MVC is just a design pattern and Microsoft Asp.NET MVC 4 is a
    framework that helps us develop applications using that design
  • Asp.NET MVC is better than PHP for these reasons:
    • Visual Studio is the BEST IDE for web application development.
    • Razor View Engine
    • Nicely structured applications