Engagement Models

Solution Based

When the client is clear with the requirements, NaarSoft can engage in a meaningful conversation to decide on the scope, timelines and financials. This results in a clear roadmap and facilitates close technical collaboration between the customer and the service provider. The preferred execution model is the Agile (Scrum) methodology where the deliverables are given in Sprints.


Resource Allocation

Also called Time & Material model, in this model the personnel work as a part of the Customer’s team. The tasks are directly assigned to the developers who work on them and record the time spent on the tasks. This model of engagement works best when the leadership has a clear plan of execution and is looking for highly skilled resources to work for a set time. NaarSoft will readily deploy their highly skilled personnel to work on your projects according to your timelines.

Service Level Agreement

This model works well for maintaining applications, infrastructure and services that are already deployed and in use. For ensuring acceptable level of performance, NaarSoft can put a team at work for activities ranging from 24/7 monitoring to total ownership, to ensure all the service levels are met and/or exceeded.