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Posted on Feb 12, 2020

February 12, 2021


About the Client

The client is a US based logistics firm that offers cost management, supply chain optimization and managed transportation services across the country. The client receives scanned copies of a large number of invoices, the data from which needs to be fed into a Legacy system for further processing. Nearly 0.6 million paper invoices a year – amounting to more than 50,000 pages a week. The data that was keyed in from the invoices were converted into digitized formats, with extremely high accuracy.

NaarSoft updated all the invoices of the client in a specific tool. Each invoice had to be keyed manually with various fields that was needed to be keyed in with accuracy. Any incorrect invoice meant a loss to the client making the process even more challenging. Plus, to serve its customers properly, NaarSoft had to expand the amount of information that was captured from each invoice: 46 fields in each invoice!

NaarSoft Solution

NaarSoft provided data entry services beyond the expected level of accuracy, with large volumes that fluctuated on a daily basis and included a vast variety of formats.

Accuracy with Consistency: The quality delivered by the NaarSoft team is well beyond the desired level and is consistent.

Quality with Variety: The client receives invoices from a host of accounts, each with their own style/formats. While some fields are standard across invoices, some codes are specific to the client and have to be referred regularly. NaarSoft has been delivering consistent output across all the types of invoices from several different customers. Whenever a new account is added, there is a requirement to understand and get the team on-board to service this account with quality and speed. NaarSoft  gets its services in a short span of time, sometimes as short as within a day.

Scalability with Reliability: The client cannot afford to keep invoices pending beyond a few days. NaarSoft offered extended services and service hours to clear large volumes so the client could be rest assured the pending invoices were taken care of.

NaarSoft identified the gaps and streamlined the process with some minor automation. which helped in large number of customer benefited

Business Benefits:

Having streamlined the process NaarSoft was able to achieve a substantial cost benefit with 99% quality and customer satisfaction.

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