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As per the survey 80%-85% of PHP websites have the backend support. PHP can not only create web pages but also do CGI programs such as collect form data, generate dynamic page content, send and receive cookies. USER INTERFACE TRENDS FOR PHP WEB DEVELOPMENT In PHP web development for the user interface, receptive web is one of the important once . Website of social networks like Facebook, Twitter emails and also e-commerce websites like , eBay,Amazon, etc. are the most visited website people usually search on their cell phones, tablets,laptops. PHP TO CREATE SMART CHATBOTS Chat boat are the best example of machine language and artificial intelligence that has gained popularity in recent years.PHP being an open source language that is easy to use for developers that is why we can consider PHP and frameworks are the best to build a chat bot.we can therefore say that chat bot is one of the best PHP tools to use. PHP TO IMPROVE CYBERSECURITY OF YOUR WEBSITE You can choose the right PHP framework such as Phalcon that is a well-documented PHP framework for asset management, security, and caching. Or, you can go for Codeigniter as alternative which is a lightweight PHP framework to add to your website. INTEGRATION OF PHP AND CLOUD TO BUILD WEB APPS Cloud infrastructure is being the most invested business in present scenario. According to Canalys reports state that the global cloud infrastructure services market grew by 37% in Q3 2019, accumulating to a valuation of US $27.5 Billion. Where as in another similar survey, approximately 80% of the websites using programming language of PHP server side and to obtain the advantages of two of the technologies. NaarSoft being a leading PHP development company offering comprehensive PHP application services that brings up your level of business up to the next level. Our services are as below
  • PHP web development
  • PHP Laravel
  • Portal development services
  • Custom PHP programming
  • Corporate website development
  • PHP based CMS development
  • PHP e-commerce development.
PHP web development trends are energetic. It is mandatory for every small or medium business to ensure that they are aware of present advances and technology updates in order to compete with their competitors.

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