The 5 benefits of cloud Microsoft Azure for small/medium business

The 5 benefits of cloud Microsoft Azure for small/medium business

Azure cloud services are very effective for small and medium firms. Let us see the benefits gained by adopting Cloud Microsoft Azure.

Moving to the cloud? Microsoft Azure can take your business to the next level. Let us now explore the most effective benefits of Azure to small and medium businesses.


Small and medium businesses prioritize Capital and they always tend to go in the most effective way for all the resources needed. Here, Azure takes the benefit of offering lower expenditure. Azure offers to SME’s cloud environment that enables them to deploy applications, data storage and power virtual machines on a global network of servers run by Microsoft. It reduces expenses related to purchasing, configuration and maintenance upfront. Studies show that choosing Azure is very cost-effective.

It is cost predictable because it runs on a monthly subscription and also offers special discounts in case of purchasing an annual subscription. ( link of purchasing should be added) It helps to implement financial governance across the organization’s cloud portfolio.

And it provides SME’s the ability to pay for what they are using and it provides the ability to change IT infrastructure as the business evolves.

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It says not all or just nothing:

The user has a mix and match option with Azure on-premise as needed. You can only use for some specific data if you feel the whole data is not that important, it gives you the option to utilize Azure services for the data you prefer to have in the services. Many firms usually use a mix of cloud and local storage, enabling them to acquire some cloud benefits.

Azure can be a powerful weapon and secure compute resources when you need them.

Flexible :

Azure provides organizations with the flexibility to modify their Cloud migration according to their needs. It is not only or nothing policy,

Azure provides hybrid solutions and also allows organizations to choose the best cloud computing and premise capabilities. The Azure portfolio of solutions makes it easier to deploy apps, DevOps tools, open-source technology support etc.

Ease migrations:

The business owners should be aware that the partners they choose have the right tools to ease support migration. It also introduced flexible partner-centred licensing programs that give SMB(small and medium-sized businesses) customers more benefits like faster customer support and monthly billing. It develops a migration roadmap that prioritizes the main business goals.

Environmentally beneficial:

Microsoft cloud ensures customers do a bit to the environment for sure.  As we know the users pay for what they need and the server can alter its capacity to fit the requirements. In such cases, carbon footprints are being reduced and likely less energy is being used because the system is not using more resources than needed.

Microsoft cloud not only is beneficial to the business productivity at the bottom line, but it is also a selfless act towards the environment.