How It All Began

How It All Began

We were sitting in the Hyderabad Airport during the summer of 2011 travelling with a friend who was changing a flight to go back to the US. We were discussing my friend’s challenges of handling a software product. We also discussed if there was any possibility if I could help them manage and fix the issues. Their current vendors were giving them a tough time to complete the fixes and more over the costs were too high. Deep in my mind I knew that it was a not an easy task as this required a good amount of knowledge of the product and also needed a deep understanding of the systems. Getting back home I contemplated on how to proceed on this. I shared this thought with my wife, who responded and in the affirmative. We both prayed and discussed this and that’s how NaarSoft came into existence. The company name was coined from the names of our children


Our initial model was to work on the project part time. Later I got one of my acquaintance to work on the project and we could help the client successfully implement the project in the first two months! We went on to support them for a long time.

Subsequently we had more work being added. We did not have any great marketing or sales model or teams but we did our work great commitment and trust. Walking mostly the extra mile. Some of our clients themselves increased the scope of our work and extended the work and recommended us to other prospects.

We worked through the initial challenges of winning our customers’ trust, overcoming the barriers of time zones, quality, culture, language, etc.

Over the past 9 years we have worked with various domains such as logistics, Christian nonprofit ministries, non-profit NGO’s and healthcare clients and have helped them build applications, products and services. We are getting into building products of our own. ‘Trusted’ has been our coin word with our clients and partners.

We have always strived to be a learning and a growing organization. Our customers were drawn to buy this aspect of flexibility and many of them led us to get into new spheres of engaging models, technologies and functions.

We are fully geared to pursue our vision in terms of its preparedness, motivation and intent. Having forged customer relationships in four continents and with several customers, we are looking to set our foot in many more places in the coming years.

With our expertise in various technologies, we are all set to make our presence known. Our experience in various methodologies of Project Management, we are continuously innovating and moving forward. With the focus on new frameworks, processes and technologies.

We are looking to becoming an organization that is quick in learning, model in serving and flexible in client engagements.