A NaarSoft proprietary service delivery model to address the scope and lifecycle of a project. This caters to the overall transparency and status of the project at any given point of time. It provides up-to-date status of the various projects, that the customers can have access to and directly view.

Requirements Management

We make sure we understand the complete requirements for SDLC based project. And for the Agile/Scrum based projects we ensure the user stories are tracked for every Sprint. Those are kept in the Project Repository. This interface is for logging the requirements so that the customers can view them at any point of time and see where in the workflow the requirements are and also ensure the requirements are scoped and executed well.


The goal of the projects at NaarSoft is to help everyone on the team make apt decisions for the overall health, scope and execution of the project as planned. NaarScope will ensure that the communication flows through seamlessly. The tools we use are intuitive and enable all the stakeholders come to a common understanding of the information that is shared with the team.

Project Documentation and Repository

We integrate various tools that will help in getting all the documentation streamlined. This not only helps in having a repository in place but also captures the work that is planned, in progress and completed. The artifacts will be visible to all stakeholders in the project.

Bug Tracking

Not only does NaarScope keep track, help communicate and act as a repository but it also acts as a tool that helps in bug tracking. It allows logging, assignment and tracking of bugs. Resolutions and workarounds can also be maintained.