Mobile App Development with React Native

App Development with React Native

Company Profile

The client is a US-based Non-Profit entity with a huge international presence. The client aims at reaching out to those who suffer with mental health and depression and giving them counselling and advice. This has been undertaken by them as a social project to impact lives and bring about change.

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Client wanted to launch a manga styled Japanese comic mobile app on various platforms. It is one of the trending genre for kids in the gaming and anime world like Pokemon, Doraemon, Shin-chan, etc. The key objective of the app was to cater to the needs of mental well-being of young children to answer the various needs and questions and to counsel them. The need is to launch the app in almost 20 different languages of which we helped the client launch in about 5 languages.

The Client wanted the app to be developed and released for both Android and IOS platforms, with comic, audio, video. This App had to address the audience’s need for counselling and advise due to the varying requirements there were some challenges that were encountered before and during testing:

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