Quality Assurance for secured product

About Client

The client is a software development firm, developing software for diverse applications. They offer end-to-end services, from UI/UX to Application Architecture and Design, Development, Testing and Product Management. The client had been tasked with developing a software for a complex learning system for thousands of learners across several age groups, interest groups. areas and preferred class timings.  

The Client worked with NaarSoft for over three years from development through the maintenance stage in developing a complex Web-based computer system. 

Client’s Challenges & Need of our QA team

  • The client approached Naarsoft to finish developing the application as the client’s team was well beyond the launch deadline. And, then test the application for launch.
  • Various constraints regarding the application having large number of bugs and enhancement issue with huge app size, old version and sound effects problem near deadline under tight scheduled Agile project management
  • Need of manual and test automationfor rigorous testing and to maintain timeline.
  • Maintain delivery deadline with Quality & scalability for low cost

NaarSoft Developer/QA Solution

  • Our Developers and QA team reviewed the client’s specifications thoroughly and had complete understanding.
  • The team worked on fixing bugs and enhancements issue from the big App size of 500mb to around 100mb which was creating problem in reducing app size.
  • Team upgraded to the latest sdk version and dependency libraries as the app version was old and was not supporting for releasing on play store.
  • Team worked on test environment(TestFlight) wherein sounds effects were playing but wasn’t playing on app store. Team fixed the existing code.
  • The team identified various Test Scenarios and perfect Test Cases and preparedrequired Test data.
  • Conducted functional and regression testing manually for stabilizing the application.
  • Implemented Automation testing using Appium.
  • The script wasrefined by addressing the issues related to synchronization and exception handling.
  • Followed effective Test reporting system with complete test coverage.
  • Followed an Agile Testing

Dev/QA Benefits to the Client

  • Offering High-quality, Scalable and Secured application with End-to-end Test coverage.  
  • Improved ROI on manualautomation within short span of project’s commencement.
  • Offered app development and fixed the problems within tight deadline.
  • Offered efficient Test management & effective Test planning for cost-effectiveness and better resource planning.
  • Depending on requirements, we can offer Mobile, API, Performance & Security testing.