Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management System

About Client

The client is a non-profit entity with a huge international presence operating since 56 years. Their goal is to uplift people by building and equipping them with knowledge and helping them by meeting their needs.


Client wanted a CRM software for their management, HR team and employees for ease and transparency at work. Employee management, Recruitment, Training & Developments, Leave Management, Appraisals, Medical care were the things client was looking for.


  • To maintain right hierarchy in the portal
  • Generate reports – single and combined report
  • Designing different form formats
  • Bill claim process


Employee management system

  • We created employee portal which can be accessed by both Employees and HR team to update/use information such as employee details, payroll, medical, salary slips etc.
  • Employee can view and edit details. The HR can add, fill the details, edit the records of employees.

Recruitment process system

  • Online filling of forms by candidates and submission to the recruitment team.
  • HR can see online form, scrutinize the candidates and follow the recruitment process for interview.

Leave management process

  • Employee can access, fill and send back the leave application form.
  • Respective manager will be able to view and approve it.
  • All leave report to be maintained and can be accessed by HR and Managers.

Medical Care

  • All employees can fill and submit medical bill forms online.
  • All bills to be scrutinized and submitted to finance team upon sanction.
  • Record to be maintained against each bill submitted for claim.
  • Report to be generated and maintained with complete detail which can be accessed by the management.

Tools and Technologies used

  • PHP with Laravel – Server side
  • ReactJS – Client side
  • MySql- Database

Benefits to the Client

  • Reduction in manual work of documenting details of employees.
  • Generating reports became easy and possible at anytime as per client’s wish.
  • On time sanction of amounts for such as salary credits, claims etc.
  • Leave sanctions became easy for respective directors, managers, etc.
  • Greater efficiency for multiple teams.
  • ImprovedData Analytics and Reporting.